[News]"The market for services and cooperative robots will grow after Corona," said Kim Chang-ho, chairman of the GRC(Global Robot Cluster).

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  • 2020-12-04
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"The members agreed that the service and cooperative robot market will be activated in the New Normal era after Corona,"

said Kim Chang-ho, chairman of GRC(and chairman of Ajinextek Co., Ltd.), at the GRC's regular board meeting and regular general meeting held on the 24th of last month.

GRC was launched in 2017 to take charge of exchange between global robot-related clusters and support overseas expansion.

After being born into five clusters in four countries, it was brightened to 13 clusters in 11 countries, and seven more clusters from seven

countries were joined as member clusters at the last GRC regular general meeting, expanding to 20 clusters in a total of 18 countries.

[Source: etnews, Daegu Jae-hoon Jung reporter]


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