About CI

Symbol mark

AJINEXTEK's symbol mark is designed with a simple and futuristic design based on AJINEXTEK's initials, A.X.T.
In order to express the characteristic of a semiconductor-related company, we applied the circuit diagram of the semiconductor chip backwards.
An unbroken letter symbolizes the permanence and development of our company.
The blue symbol (AXT Blue) signifies the high technology and unlimited possibilities of Ajinextek.

Logo type can never be arbitrarily typed, adjusted to any color, transformed using only a part of the logo and so on.

The color of the symbol mark

To create a consistent company image, the colors of the AJINEXTEK‘S symbol mark must be unified in all media with PANTONE 279.
The symbol mark is ideally represented by the group representative color blue (spot color: PANTONE279, primary color: C70% + M35%), and cannot be changed to any color.

  • Blue
  • Blue & White
  • Silver & White
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Black & White

Logo type

It is important to secure a separate space for the logo type to accurately convey the image that the molding pursues and to increase visual perception.
Therefore, it must be clearly distinguished with the background of the expressed space or other visual elements around you.
The logo type is officially provision element for the consistency of company image. Therefore, when enlarging or reducing the logo type, it is necessary to use the manuscript for the reproduction material of the recycled material to reduce or enlarge by photo plate.

Signature - Korean/English

For signature, it is important to ensure independent space to accurately convey image that the form pursues and to increase visual perception.
Therefore, it must be clearly distinguished from the background of the space being represented or other visual elements around it.

  • Signature - Korean/English
  • Signature - English