About Us

TECHNOLOGY FOR FUTURE AJINEXTEK Co., Ltd. has been concentrating its capabilities through all employees
in order to advance into the world market by localizing the controller required
for advanced industrial automation field since its establishment in 1995

As a result, the company developed and sold the motor control only VLSI chip (CAMC-series) solely
in Korea, and positioned as a specialty company of parts and materials in Mechatronics.
Based on this, we have localized various controllers for semiconductor manufacturing process,
LED, LCD Display process, PCB / SMT process, mobile and automobile process.

Ajinextek Co., Ltd. will realize the mission of "Go Toward Autonomy! Beyond Automation"
under the spirit of "Happy Together, Better Together!" and will be
with the era of the fourth industrial revolution.


AJINEXTEK, the leader, of motion control device industry.

Through the early realization of the new medium-term roadmap, we entered the new business field such as performing the smart factory
through robot control, EV control and so on as well as our previous business, which is the technology field of electronics parts, middle-end,
PC, equipment control through motion control, machine module, high-end, and PLC.

  • Technology development
    that values people's worth, A customer-oriented spirit that creates valuable products for customers.
  • Transforming Society
    to Open the Future with Innovation, that opens the future with innovative attitude
  • Globalization
    With outstanding technology, As a leader of motion control industry, we create global value.