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  1. 2019~2016

    • Patent registration for data transfer method of industrial distributed network

      US Patent RegistrationsNetwork-Based Motor Control System On Chip(SoC) and Motor Control Method

      2018 Industryaward Korea Prize "Target for innovation in motion control parts"

      MOU for the establishment of a joint venture company(China 国辰机器人)

      Agreements for joint development of next-generation vision module iVM(Yasukawa-SNUR-AXT)

      Signed an international MOU to commercialize Smart Factory (Yasukawa-Becka-AXT)

      Signed MOU for joint R & D achievement (China National Robotics-AXT)

  2. 2015 ~ 2013

    • Awarded by the 50th Anniversary of Industrial Complex

      Patent registration for network-based motor control system-on-chip (SoC) and motor control methods

      Patent registration for industrial network protocol integrated module devices and their control methods

      Listed to KOSDAQ

      Selected as a powerful small Enterprise (Ministry of Employment and Labor)

      Listed in Konex

  3. 2012 ~ 2010

    • Patent registration for smart monitoring devices

      Sisterhood relationship with remote schools (Sanbuk Elementary School in Mungyeong)

      2011 Awarded the Presidential Prize for Venture Business (Ministry of Public Administration and Security)

      Designated as an excellent star enterprise (Daegu Metropolitan City)

      Designated as a developer of industrial technology (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

      Selected as a good company to work in our region (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)