Establishment of Dong-eui University Device R&D Center and conclusion of industry-academic cooperation

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  • 2020-07-17
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Hello, I'm the manager.

In order to strengthen our capabilities, we established a device R&D center at Dong-eui University on July 14 and held

an industry-academic cooperation agreement ceremony.

We promise to show you more progress in the future and share the news.


[ News excerpts]

Dong-eui University signed an industry-academic cooperation agreement with Ajinextek Co., Ltd.


Dong-eui University (President Gong Soon-jin) LINC+ Business Group (Director Lee Im-gun) and Artificial Intelligence Robot Research

Institute (Director Ok Seung-ho) signed an industry-academic cooperation agreement with Ajinextek (CEO Kim Chang-ho) at the

conference room on the second floor of Dong-eui University's main building on the 14th.
Through the agreement, each institution will cooperate with each other in fostering talented people in science and engineering,

supporting scholarships, supporting field practice, and supporting the establishment and operation of device R&D centers at Dong-eui University.
Prior to the signing ceremony, Kong Soon-jin, president of Dong-eui University, and Woo Hyun-woo, president of Ajinextek, delivered 30 million

won in scholarships to two industry-academic scholarship students, including Kwon Hyuk-joon, a robot automation engineering major at

Dong-eui University, and Lee Ho-min, a graduate school master's degree in intelligent system engineering.
Kwon and Lee, who received scholarships, will join Ajinextek after graduation and will be in charge of research and development in the new

technology planning team.


Source:University Newspaper of Korea(http://news.unn.net)

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